About Us

Creating value at cornerstones through People, Property, & Partnerships
Our mission is to create value & build a real estate empire with a renowned reputation of honesty, integrity, impeccable customer service & by serving our community & giving opportunity to help others grow.
Established in 1998, Bacall Companies is a family-owned, fully integrated commercial real estate development & management company that has a proven track record through disciplined leadership & foundational practices that have been met with success in a variety of asset classifications which include Retail, Office, Industrial, Food & Beverage, Hotel, Financial Lending.

Pioneered by our Founder & visionary, Salim Shamoon Bacall & fueled by adversity & laser focused vision, Bacall Companies is a value-centric investor, specializing in properties where value is created through knowledge & a strategic calculated approach. Our leadership is embodied with a collective team of experienced & goal-oriented leaders that have built a family business empire pillared by foundational elements which goes back to our beginning when a handshake was all that was needed to form a lasting partnership.

Since inception, Bacall Companies is accredited for successfully executing over 520 million dollars in real estate transactions & currently manages over 2.4 million S/F of commercial real estate, Over 4,600 hotel keys & 17 F&B outlets, and have current holdings of more than 145 properties located throughout the Midwest & Florida. Our assets are a reflection of our commitment of delivering well build, state of the art product in top markets to guarantee a return for our respective principles & investors. Bacall Companies provides expert level oversight in all disciplines of commercial real estate, Bacall Companies is amongst the most reputable commercial development & management company that welcomes the opportunity to meet your real estate needs.

Core Values

Bacallcompanies - Honesty


To conduct business with an honest approach through each stages & all disciplines of the deal cycle
Bacallcompanies - Integrity


To follow through with promises with integrity & follow through
Bacallcompanies - Respect


To treat all partners & shareholders with a paralleled level of respect no matter the stake or equity position

Core Management

Salim Shamoon Bacall

Bacallcompanies - Dante Bacall

Dante Bacall

Partner & Principal
Bacallcompanies - Dorayd Bacall

Dorayd Bacall

Partner & Principal
Bacallcompanies - Doval Bacall

Doval Bacall

Partner & Principal
Bacallcompanies - Daivin Bacall

Daivin Bacall

Partner & Principal
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